Repairing, Replacing, or Installing Roofing Soffits and Fascias

Soffits and Fascia Boards are an important part of any modern roofing system and sometimes need to be repaired or replaced well before the roof itself is at the end of its life.  This can happen for many reasons and is a normal part of the lifecycle of healthy roofing systems.  Roofing contractors inspect soffits and fascia as part of a thorough roof inspection. Replacing a damaged soffit can prevent a much more expensive full roof replacement.

Signs That Your Soffits & Fascia Need To Be Replaced

As a homeowner or business owner, you will want to pay attention to the early signs that it is time to inspect your Soffits and Fascia Boards for possible repair or replacement.

  • You may notice that the boards around the edges of your roof look “worn out”, with cracked or faded paint, warping, or visible damage
  • You see what looks like rotted or discolored wood along the Soffits or Fascia
  • You see that your Soffits have been painted over and the venting holes have been painted shut
  • Your gutters are not catching all of the rain that runs off of your roof and water is running down your Fascia boards during storms
  • Ice builds up along the edges of your roof in the winter (icicles or sheet ice)
  • You see visible damage such as broken or rotten wood in the boards along the edges of your roof
  • You looked in your attic and have found damaged insulation or anything that looks like mold growing along your rafters or insulation
  • Your gutter comes away from the roof in one or more places or is no longer level along the roof line
  • You notice a leak in your ceiling or wall near the ceiling inside your home
  • When you are having your siding or roof replaced is often the best time to replace them

What Are Soffits and Fascia Boards?

Soffits are air permeable boards made of a variety of materials (wood and vinyl being most commonly used) that sit on the underside of your eaves, horizontal to the ground. They are part of the overhang where the underside of your roof meets your home’s siding. When rain or snow hits your roof, it runs down the shingles, and the overhang allows the water to flow away from your house rather than down your wall.
This is not part of the Gutters or the fascia. The soffit helps regulate your home’s temperature, allowing your roof to “breathe.” Cool, dry air is drawn into the soffit vent, and hot moist air is forced out of roof exhaust vents. The soffits protect the roof from the elements while providing air exchange between the attic space and the outside environment. This helps to prevent moisture buildup within the attic, which is critical in extending the healthy lifespan of your roof.

A Roofing Contractor mounts a soffit underneath the roof eaves
Installing new soffits under the eave of a residential roof allows better air exchange with the attic

Fascia Boards are the wide board directly underneath the overhang of the shingles and the edge of your home and are installed on the front edges of your roof, sitting perpendicular to the ground. The Fascia is also known as a “transition trim” between the home and the roofline. When you look at a house or building that has gutters installed, the gutters are most often attached to the fascia boards. The fascia is non-permeable (it does not allow air flow) and is installed to protect your joists from the elements, effectively acting like a rain guard at the point where the line of shingles ends.

Roofing Inspector cleaning house fascia boards and gutters
Inspecting Your Fascia Boards is an Important Part of Roof Maintenance

Everyone at Major League Construction Inc believes that an informed customer is a happy customer, so we want to make sure that you understand the terminology, pricing, and other details of any roofing repair job before the project gets underway. If you believe it is time to have your Fascia or Soffit inspected or replaced then you need to work with a roofing company that you can trust because these roofing components are vital for proper roof ventilation and require high quality workmanship.
Contact our office: Major League Construction Inc at 336-256-9236 to schedule an appointment with one of our trained roof specialists to get you started!

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