Does Your Roof Have a Problem? We Have the Solutions You Need.

Keeping your structure in top shape isn’t an easy task to complete alone.

From overseeing minor maintenance, like small leaks, to keeping track of significant issues, like roof repair or replacement, it’s easy to get swept away by so many responsibilities. That’s why Major League Construction, Inc. is known as the best residential & commercial roofing company in North Carolina, with various services designed to lend you a helping hand whenever necessary.

When it comes to the most crucial feature of your structure - your roof - we’re here to take some weight off your shoulders. Our roofing services can satisfy any construction requirements, whether for an older, multi-family home or a sleek, modern storefront.

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Roofing Repair and Replacement

Staying on top of potential roofing issues is a critical piece to ownership of any structure, whether commercial or residential. Even by meeting the minimum standard of a single, yearly roof inspection, you could save yourself from needing major (and costly) roof repairs in the future.

As such, MLC proudly offers free roof inspections to ensure everything is in top shape. And, should we find any problems, you can trust our team to perform roof repairs, roof replacement, or roofing installation if necessary.

Do you need someone to help make your structural vision come to life? Learn more about our roofing repair and roof replacement services.

Commercial Roofing

The structure your business calls home could nearly be as crucial as the quality of service you provide to consumers. Without a safe, secure building for you or your team to conduct operations in, your workforce will become less productive and confident. And, if customers come directly to your structure, you could even lose sales.

Don’t worry: MLC is here to keep your business thriving with our wide-ranging understanding and expertise. Though often complex and challenging, we’re more than prepared to satisfy your structural requirements to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe at all times. As a bonus, we’ll even provide a free roof inspection to ensure we get the whole picture before starting.

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Residential Roofing

You don’t ever want your dream home to end up feeling like a nightmare. Unfortunately, failure to keep up proper structural maintenance can lead to a host of ownership issues, turning your sanctuary into a place you dread spending time in daily.

Still, life is busy, and it’s understandable if some priorities slip beneath your radar. That’s why MLC wants to be the local residential roofing company you can count on to swoop in when a solution is needed. From minor roof repairs to roof replacements, our friendly and experienced team can help rejuvenate any roof for any home. To prove our commitment to keeping you safe, we’ll offer a free roof inspection to identify problems and establish a plan to fix them.

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